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Need to Adjust Something? Put a Knob on It!

 |  |  June 26, 2022

Does your office mate talk too loud on the phone? Is your dog barking too much when the doorbell rings? Or do you have a kid that just won’t stop whining about some toy they want you to buy them? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just slap a knob on all of them to turn down the volume?

These fun capsule toys from Japan let you slap a knob wherever you need one, giving you smooth analog control over the intensity of anything. They’re designed to look like the heat control knobs on a stove, but the only limit to what they can control is your imagination. Use them to adjust the height of the flame on candles, turn down the foul perfume odor in the elevator, or stick one in your car and use it instead of an accelerator pedal. These dials are way better than a universal remote control!

Seriously, though, these dials don’t actually do anything, but they do make a fun fidget toy, and are also great for pranking people by adding a random dial to things that don’t normally have one.

[via Toy People]