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Tag: Spartan

Boba Fett Spartan Helmet: This is BOBAAA!!!

Boba Fett Spartan Helmet: This is BOBAAA!!!
King Leonidas and his army of 300 don’t have a lot in common with Boba Fett. The Spartans were patriotic soldiers (HAA-OOH!). Boba was a bounty hunter. The Spartans refused to bow down to a (fictionalized) man who fancied himself a god and paraded around with more jewels than clothes.

LEGO + Halo + Rvb = Awesome

LEGO + Halo + Rvb = Awesome
I can’t imagine how much time it took to build this intricate life-size LEGO Halo sculpture. LEGOholic dm_meister based this LEGO block sculpture on the sociopathic Sarge from the Halo Red vs. Blue machinima series. He says that if he were to build the rest of this Spartan’s body, he’d stand over 6-foot 5-inches tall.

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