Nintendo Controllers & Cords Turned into Art

Those cords on vintage video game consoles sure got in the way whenever you weren’t playing. They were long enough that they always got twisted up and tangled everywhere. So if you have a bunch of old Nintendo controllers, you might as well use all of that cord length to make some art.

That’s what artist Erika Iris Simmons (aka iRI5) did in a series titled ‘Ghost In The Machine’. Extending the series of cassette tape art we saw a couple of years back, she now uses the cords from old game controllers to create characters including Mario, and Link as well as Pac-Man. Some were recently for sale in a gallery exhibition for $2,000(USD) each. Not a bad profit margin for controller cable doodles.


Check out the rest in her gallery. She makes some pretty awesome stuff.

[via Geekologie]