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Square One Personal Internet Server: Host Yourself

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Written by Paul Strauss | July 22, 2007

Given all the recent challenges I’ve been having with my hosting environment, maybe it’s time for me to pick up one of these puppies. It’s a compact computer that’s totally ready to go for you to host your own dedicated server.

Square One Personal Internet Server

The $399 Square One Personal Internet server is a turnkey web hosting box that’s completely loaded with everything you need to get rolling. The Linux-based server even bundles in router and firewall capabilities. It’s pre-loaded with Apache, PHP and MySQL, so you don’t have to worry about installing those. In addition, you can use the Square One as an attached storage and backup device for your other networked computers.

Square One Personal Internet Server Rear View

From a hardware perspective, the little machines are pretty decent, with an ARM 922T RISC CPU, 320GB hard drive and 6 Ethernet ports (1 WAN, 1 DMZ and 4 LAN ports.) There’s also a memory card reader which lets you read fromĀ  CompactFlash (Type I, II & III), MicroDrive, Secure Digital (SD), MMC, xD, Memory Stick, MS Pro, and SmartMedia cards.

Unfortunately, these machines only come with 64MB of RAM (and don’t seem to be expandable,) so I’m guessing they won’t be sufficient for serving high volume websites (like Technabob,) but if you have a need for a network file server, and have a small website, it looks like it could fill the bill.

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