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Neo-Victorian Keyboard and Monitor [Steampunk]

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  December 25, 2008

Here’s something that the LXG would greatly appreciate: hardware modder/antique & scuttlefish lover/ potential Cthulhu worshipper Paradox has created what he calls a “Neo-Victorian keyboard”; he also modded a widescreen monitor to go along with it.

wooden keyboard retro steampunk mechanical typewriter

Paradox said that it took him well over a month to modify a 12.5″ x 6″ mini USB keyboard and turn it into the temporal aberration you see above. He modified nearly 2 sets of typewriter keys and hand-made the wooden spacebar.

wooden keyboard retro steampunk mechanical typewriter

Even though it looks rickety, Paradox said that the keyboard is really smooth and easy to use, and if for some reason the innards break, you can easily take it out and replace it – with what I don’t know, maybe innards made of sacrificial offerings embossed with chants – which means you’ll still have the scary exterior.


To match the keyboard, Paradox framed a 24″ widescreen Samsung LCD monitor, and then attached it to a desk arm so that it can be “positioned in any angle and stretch out a radius of a couple feet.” Also, the desk arm makes it look like the monitor is floating in mid-air.


As you can see there is a hinge in the frame that allows access to the monitor’s controls.

I don’t think he’s selling the monitor mod, but Paradox is selling the keyboard for a whopping $600. If you find his scuttlefish steampunk style appealing, you can contact him here. Don’t ever contact me. Kidding.

Paradox is planning on making a matching computer case. And then he’ll summon Cthulhu. By email.

[Tentacle Paradox via Steampunk Workshop]