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Dk T-Shirt, Now With Extra Bonus Hilarity

 |  |  |  February 13, 2009

If Nintendo’s hulking DK (that’s Donkey Kong to those of us of the old school) is your huge-fisted hero of choice, you might appreciate this t-shirt. Look, it’s got the tie, the color scheme, and… uh… the pecs. Yeah, those are pecs.

dk donkey kong ape t-shirt nintendo zazzle

Though you might hear a few snickers when you walk down the street in this shirt, just ignore them. It’s nervous laughter due to the fact that you suddenly look so large and manly, and not at all like you have a pair of fake plastic boobs (or any other anatomical bits) bolted onto your t-shirt.

They’re pecs. And you can get yours for $26.

[Zazzle via VGArts]