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The Shocking Mouse, Perfect for the Annoying Co-Worker

 |  |  |  |  |  April 11, 2009

If you’re cheap, you can pick up some random iPod knockoff designed to deliver a nasty hilarious shock to the hands of the unwary Grabby McGrabberson. Isn’t laughter worth more than $3.95? Of course it is, why is why big spenders shell out $5.99 for the shocking mouse. Remember, folks: this is about amusement. What’s two bucks in the face of such a glorious pursuit?

mouse toy prank electric shock

It looks like a mouse. It feels like a mouse. But when it clicks like a mouse, the shocking mouse zaps the clicker. And it’s important to note that SourcingMap, where the shocking mouse turned up, wants to make sure you know that this is an adult toy. It’s right there in the product name: Transparent Red Electric Shocking Mouse Adult Prank Trick Toy. Good to know, guys.

If a mouse isn’t your style, SourcingMap has all sorts of shocking devices, even the good ol’ fashioned hand buzzer.

[SourcingMap via CrunchGear]