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Manual Digital Clock Makes You Change the Time by Hand Every Minute

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Written by Paul Strauss | October 15, 2009

When I first saw this clock design, I was scratching my head wondering why you’d want a clock that doesn’t keep time at all. After all, who wants a clock that you have to manually change the time on every time the minute changes?


Then I realized that this clever LED-lookalike clock isn’t a clock at all. It’s an educational puzzle for teaching your kids how to read digital clocks. After all, analog clocks aren’t the norm these days, so why would you need to teach your children to read time on a more modern display?


I guess the only problem I have with the whole concept is that Digits‘ Jumbo LED clock trainer comes with a bunch of tiny little pieces that are easy to lose (and possibly swallow). And it’s not cheap either. At $100 bucks, I could probably buy myself a whole roomful of cheap digital alarm clocks and set them all to different times. The Digits Jumbo LED clock trainer is available over at Ponoko.