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Desktop Arm Wresting Involves No Actual Arms or Wrestling

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Written by Paul Strauss | October 16, 2009

If you’re too much of a girly-man to actually arm wrestle your friends, then here’s something that should let you show off your physical prowess without flexing too much muscle.


I actually think they should have called this desktop game “Thumb WrestleMania”, since your arms aren’t going to be doing much more than keeping your hand from falling off while your thumb-mash your way to victory. Arm WrestleMania sets the stage for your big bout, backing each fight with crowd noises, dinging bells and an electronic announcer.

It’s also perfect for settling office disputes, deciding the fate of employees you may have to lay off, or your next Sophie’s Choice. Now I must warn you, I was a Track and Field master back in the day, so I will take all comers and smash them into the ground with my lightning-quick manly thumb.

You can get your hands on Arm WrestleMania over at Firebox UK for £14.99 (appx. $25 USD).