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D*Light Pillow is Probably Made of Unicorn and Care Bear Essence

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Written by Lambert Varias | October 20, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen: World Peace is within our reach, thanks to d*light. Designed by Diana Lin, d*light is a “combination of ambient lighting and cushion”, a benevolent matrimony of woven polyester and SMD LEDs. It provides a soft light and just the right amount of warmth, such that even the Devil himself will repent and come back to the arms of the Maker after hugging d*light.


d*light can be plugged in via a 6-volt AC adapter, but it makes more sense to power it with 4 AA batteries, in which case it will bring endless joy and eternal hope for up to 4 hours. As proof of the messianic love power of the pillow, 5 d*lights were placed next to the remains of Stalin and Hitler. Here’s what happened to the two genocidal tyrants after a few minutes:


That’s right: they came back to life as a couple of peaceful, harmless, small talk-loving women. The holy pillow is available in Original White, Hot Sun Pink and Sunset Gold, and can be yours for $160 (USD) at the newly-opened Yanko Design Store. Praise d*light!