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Katamari Cake Balls Are Messy and Delicious

 |  |  |  |  |  |  December 23, 2009

These cake balls are perfect representations of the classic Katamari Damacy: they’re sticky and colorful, and they look like they’re a lot of fun to use (eat). Pieces might occasionally pop off mid-use, too. Hey, nothing’s perfect.

Once you start looking at these up close, you start to realize how complex they really are–these cake balls are not only candy-coated, but there’s more candy attached, using candy glue to hold everything in place! That’s not frosting on the outside, see; the key to this project is the use of a lot of candy melts. That’s what makes the M&Ms stick to the outside–the best part of this project.

Well, let’s be honest – the best part is probably eating it. But visually, it’s those little nubby M&Ms, just waiting to have all sorts of things stuck to ’em, like toys, sushi, lily pads, and a cow or two.

[via Snack or Die]