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New Year’S Resolution Generator Reminds Us We’Re Not Perfect

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  January 1, 2010

On one hand the New Year’s Resolution Generator is an absurd piece of code; surely you know what you need to change or work on or do to improve your life. The person who can’t come up with a new year’s resolution (whether or not one sees the point of making new year’s resolutions) for himself is either dead lazy or a god.

new year's resolution generator 2

On the other hand, the generator is a fun timewaster (see above picture). And actually it does have a couple of good ideas.

So maybe you already have a bunch of New Year’s resolutions, but the New Year’s Resolution Generator may make you add one or two items to your list. Especially if you’ve never eaten a mango.

[via The Presurfer]