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Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet Cake is the Best Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet Cake Ever

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Written by Paul Strauss | February 8, 2010

I can’t believe that this Pac-Man arcade cabinet is actually a cake. As in bake it in the oven, cover it with frosting, cut it up and eat it – cake.


The cake artists over at Seattle’s Jet City Cakes created this amazing desert that looks exactly like the original Pac-Man arcade cabinet. Every little detail is there, from the miniature red joystick, to the coin slots, to the teensy little ghosts, cherries and power pills on the playing field.

The birthday cake was made for someone who simply goes by “Dad”, so if you stole this cake (you wouldn’t steal a cake now, would you?) you could give it to your own father. Or if you’re a dad, you could keep it and chow down for yourself. Wakka-wakka-wakka.

[via Geek Crafts]