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Fart-Absorbing Blanket: Where Does the Fart Go?

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  May 2, 2010

Apparently in the United States, the relationship of many married couples is being threatened by fart, so much so that a “science teacher” created a fart-absorbing blanket and named it “The Better Marriage Blanket.” And here I was thinking that snoring (or having 8 kids and going on a reality show) was the main reason why marriages dissolve, not flatulence.

It may look like an ordinary comforter (heck, there’s a chance that it is an ordinary comforter), but apparently the Better Marriage Blanket has a lining of carbon fabric that traps fart molecules, thereby saving your marriage. Then, when you get divorced anyway, you can wrap your spouse in the fart-loaded blanket and watch as he instantly suffocate/melts/sublimates. Just kidding.

You can order the blanket here for $40 (USD). Even if you’re not going to order, I suggest you check out the website anyway; it’s good for a couple of laughs. Here’s a testimony on the website: “It must be working because I haven’t woken myself up since I started using it! -Elena, AZ.” Elena, if your farts are so nasty that they wake you up, a comforter won’t be enough to solve your problems.

[via Neatorama]