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Espresso Machine Gets Android Power, World Asks Why

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Written by Shane McGlaun | June 10, 2010

Android is really hot right now with many of the world largest makers of smartphones and other gadgets looking to the open source OS, and consumers adopting it in droves. I guess this is the reason some weird products are surfacing with Android as their only redeeming quality. A good example of a weird product that uses Android to grab its 15-minutes of fame is the “Appresso” espresso maker.

The thing has a dock on top for your Android phone. When docked the phone can read the QR code on top of the little containers of coffee you put inside. Once the barcode-like QR code is read, the Android device docked to it will play music to go along with the drink.

I wonder if you spill the hot espresso on yourself if the thing can play the Eddie Murphy parody of James Brown from SNL. You know the one “Too hawt in the hawt tub, burnt myself!”

[via Yanko Design]