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iBookPad: Clamshell iBook Turned Into iPad Dock

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Written by Lambert Varias | June 10, 2010

The Mac Classic iPad dock looks elegant, but this clamshell iBook iPad dock is slightly more functional as it has a working Apple keyboard.


The iPad doesn’t have a USB port but as some of you already know, some USB devices can be indirectly connected to it using Apple’s Camera Connection kit. The modder combined the Camera Connection Kit with an iPod Dock Extender Cable to link up the keyboard with the iPad.


One USB port, Apple. Just one USB port. Is that too much to ask? *sigh* Anyway, the hack seems to work just fine.

If you want to make a similar mod, you should check out the modder’s blog for more details. He does warn though that as it is the iBook cannot be closed without harming the iPad’s display. I think the keyboard is too thick for the case, so if you want a truly portable clamshell iPad dock, you’ll have to mod this one further.

[via Apple Noir via Engadget]