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Tokyoflash Traffic Watch: It’S 5 Minutes to Gridlock

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Written by Range | August 6, 2010

Although I love Japanese watches, the one thing that I dislike about a lot of them is to take a few moments to figure out what the heck is exactly going on. The Kisai Traffic watch shows what looks like some random traffic, which is supposed to help you tell the time.

tokyoflash traffic kisai watch japan

The blue lines indicate hours, orange is five-minute blocks, and green traffic is single minutes. It’s interesting, but kind of nutty at the same time. I prefer to glance at a watch and know exactly what time it is.

tokyoflash japan kisai traffic watch

The battery in the Kisai Traffic is recharged via a USB port. One charge takes up 3.5 hours and each charge will last a month. After about 300 charges, you’ll have to replace the battery. I like the USB charging idea a lot, as I’m always annoyed when it comes time to change the battery on my watches. In fact, I currently don’t wear a watch because of this whole issue. That and the fact that my Seiko Final Fantasy watch is in storage in Canada.

[via Tokyoflash]