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In the Future, Drug Dealers Will be Robots

 |  |  |  |  December 2, 2010

In Nurse Jackie, one of the main characters, who was a pharmacist, got replaced by some drug dealing machine. It didn’t take long before he got his job back because the machine was stupid. This robot is anything but stupid – and pharmacists, hospital orderlies, and drug dealers, beware! You could soon be replaced.

drug dealing robot japan panasonic

Panasonic’s new drug dispensing robot is coming directly from Japan and is ready to steal your jobs. The HOSPI ‘bot was designed to pick up and deliver drugs – ensuring the proper medications are quickly delivered to nursing stations without need for someone to run the prescriptions up from the pharmacy. It can avoid stationary and moving obstacles, and this robot is already in use in over 50 hospitals in Japan.

I’m not sure how well these will be accepted in hospitals in the US, but it’s definitely interesting to have these ‘bots rolling around delivering drugs.

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