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Verizon Slashes Galaxy Tab Price (and Gives Out Refunds)

 |  |  |  |  January 3, 2011

A while back, Verizon sent me over a Galaxy Tab and I have been using the thing for about a month now and comparing it to my iPad. I can say that short of missing some of the screen space for gaming when using the Tab, I really think that most of us can get by with the Tab just as easily as the iPad. The big issue was that the Tab was almost the same price as the iPad and I reckon name recognition will win out.

Someone at Verizon has got a clue and cut the price of the Galaxy Tab by $100. Before those of you that just bought one of the Tabs get mad and start complaining, Verizon will give you that $100 back. That is assuming you bought your Tab in the last 14 days, if you are 15 days out it really sucks to be you.

The new official price of the Tab is $499 and Verizon packs in $60 in free movie rentals too. I would bet those on the fence between the iPad and the Tab will have an easier time deciding now.

[via DroidLife]