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Kinect Controls Humanoid Robot: Giant Robotic Army Not Far Away

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Written by Paul Strauss | January 15, 2011

Another day, another Kinect hack. This particular hack is quite cool, mapping the body movements of a human onto the joints of a humanoid robot.


By taking Kinect’s skeletal detection algorithms and sending that data to V-Sido [JP], a real-time control system for humanoid robots, they manage to use the Kinect as a robotic puppet control. Here’s a video clip showing the hack in action:

From the looks of the clip, they really should have turned the robot around so the movements weren’t mirrored, but I guess they didn’t want us just staring at his shiny metal ass. Now I just need 100 robots, all piloted by this software, and I could get my robot army going in no time. Heck, I’d just take one big robot connected to this system, and that’d make me happy too.

[via Robots Dreams]