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LEGO Spraycan Explosion: All Sorts of Awesomeness

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Written by Range | January 26, 2011

Man, LEGOs are amazing. I’m always surprised at what hardcore LEGO enthusiasts can create with a few bricks. It definitely makes you want to get those old bricks out from the closet and see what you can do. This exploding can of spray paint was created by Cole Blaq, an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) from Düsseldorf, Germany.

lego can exploding cole blaq afol

I’ve never thought about using bricks to put together an something like this, but I guess it takes all types. Capturing explosions and moving objects is one of the hardest tasks, not just in LEGO sculptures, but in any media. It’s surprising to see how accurate Cole’s creation is.

lego can exploding cole blaq afol

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