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Keyport Slide Gets New LED Light Blade

 |  |  |  |  |  |  March 7, 2011

If you have a ton of keys on your keying in your pocket I would bet that you get annoyed by all the bulk and having to dig for the key you want. You can’t just throw away all the keys to your office, home, storage, and cars, but you can make them easier to carry. The Keyport has been around for a long time and the thing has recently been updated.


The new version of the Keyport still holds six different slide-out blanks that can be used for cars – with blanks available for cars that need keys with chips too. The Keyport also has available blanks for USB storage and a new blank that has an LED flashlight.

The LED light can be pre-ordered right now for $9.99 and will fit into existing Keyports. A starter kit with one chipped car key starts at $94. A version without a car key starts at $79 and a USB insert sells for $19 for 4GB and $39 for 8GB.