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Asthmapolis Puts GPS Tracking on Asthma Inhalers to Map Triggers

 |  |  |  April 16, 2011

There are all sorts of things that can trigger asthma for someone suffering from the disease. Things like pollen, cold air, pet dander, and lots more can trigger asthma. The trick is finding out what those triggers are so the person can avoid them.


A company called Asthmapolis has devised a cool new way to help the asthma suffer figure out what might be triggering their attacks. The company has a cap called the Spiroscout that can be attached to the inhalers many asthma sufferers use, and the cap has GPS inside and records the time and place the inhaler was used and can transmit that data to a smartphone app.

The idea is that if you find you have to trigger your inhaler around a specific type of tree or at a specific place like around a printer or pet store, you can determine what is triggering the attacks. They’ve even started aggregating data from multiple asthma sufferers and mapping that data. This is pretty cool and if the GPS devices were on all inhalers, the company would be able to determine if a bunch of asthmatics were being triggered in the same place and possibly find a pollution source that is harmful to the public. Asthma sufferers should be able to get their hands on the Spiroscout sometime this fall, if you’d like to get on the list, contact Asthmapolis here.

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