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R2-D2 Garbage Can Too Nice for Trash

 |  |  |  |  May 13, 2011

I hate taking out the trash. I like to wait until the bag in the can is so crushed down that getting the bag out in one piece is an impossibility. Then I can just dump the can in the big can outside and then the trash guys mess with the thing. I think if I had this R2-D2 trash can, I would want to play with it more than I would want to put trash in it.


This would make the coolest popcorn tub for beside my desk ever. It might take 20 bags of microwave popcorn to fill it up, but that is fine with me. I just can’t see taking a trash can that looks like R2-D2 that costs $100 and cramming it full of leftovers and half-drunken cans of Dr. Pepper.

To open the lid you step on the little pedal on the front leg of R2. The lid happens to be R2’s head. The can is 23″ tall, and it can be used for dirty diapers too. I would totally use that in a Star Wars-themed baby’s room, but you would have to have a geeky wife too.

[via ThinkGeek]