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Morphix Wrist Chemical Detection Device to Wear with Your Pip-boy 3000

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Written by Conner Flynn | September 30, 2011

Morphix Technologies has been working on a new bio-chemical detection device for the Marines, but with the world being what it is today, they know that many others are going to want one too. The Morphix Chameleon is a wearable gadget that will let you know what toxic substances are in the air. Once you know, you can protect yourself or even better, leave the area!

The device is tough and good in even extreme weather conditions. A color warning on each capsule corresponds to the toxin and alerts you to it’s presence. It has no batteries and is in fact apparently not powered by anything, so it won’t fail you in an emergency. It can even survive in water.


They are marketing the device to anyone and everyone who may face danger from toxins, like rescue workers, EMTs and those who work with hazardous chemicals. It’s available now to those of us who might need one. It currently detects 11 deadly gases, and they’re working on additional sensors for future release.


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