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TyPillow Won’t Make it Easier to Type on the iPad 2

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Written by Lambert Varias | October 3, 2011

…but it will make it easier to use the tablet while you’re reclining or lying down. The TyPillow isn’t the only cushioned iPad stand on the market, but it is the first one I’ve seen that omits the stand part and goes straight for the cushion. To compensate for the lack of dedicated props or any stabilizing parts, the TyPillow is filled with micro beads that helps it conform to your desired position and retain its adjusted form.

typillow for ipad 2

The TyPillow measures 17″ x 17″ and is made of microsuede, so it’s comfy enough that you’ll risk drooling on it, and hence on your iPad 2 as well. Here’s an unboxing unbagging and quick demo of the TyPillow by Larry Greenberg:

You can order the TyPillow directly from it’s official website or from Amazon for $35 (USD). Again it’s only compatible with the iPad 2, but if you or someone you know has decent stitching skills I’m sure you can easily convert one of your existing pillows into a huggable gadget holder.

[via If It’s Hip, It’s Here]