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Expansion Slide Pad for Nintendo 3DS Hits Pre-Order for Japanese Gamers

 |  |  |  October 12, 2011

Last month we talked a bit about this odd-looking accessory for the Nintendo 3DS that was made to go with the Monster Hunter 3D video game. The accessory adds another D-pad button to the 3DS and what appear to be a couple buttons on the back as well. We have wondered what the accessory will sell for and now we know – at least in Japan.


The Nintendo 3DS Expansion Slide Pad is available on in Japan for pre-order according to Joystiq. The device carries a price of ¥1,500, which is pretty cheap. That would work out to $19.50 here in the US. We expect the accessory will land here eventually, but for now, the ship date is listed as December 10 for Japan.

The real question is do you find this accessory appealing at all? Gamers seem to be split on the looks and what the accessory would add to the console from a functionality perspective. The point of the Slide Pad is supposed to be to make Monster Hunter 3D on the 3DS feel like playing it on the Wii.