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RFID Clothing Hangers Do the Selling in Japan

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Written by Range | October 18, 2011

Japan has some great retail shopping, which is why Teamlab of Japan designed some cool RFID-equipped clothing hangers. These smart hangers will help you find products and accessories that will match the garment or product you have in your hands.

japan retail sales vanquish teamlab rfid hanger clothes

This system is currently being used in one of Vanquish’s men’s stores in Shibuya in Tokyo. There are a bunch of LCD displays located at the top of the clothing rack. Whenever you remove clothes, it will burst to life and give you information, while at the same time suggesting other matching accessories.

This is definitely a more subtle way of trying to upsell wares, but honestly I still prefer a human over some LCD screen. Still, for some goods it might work well, since it’s a novel approach to shopping.

japan retail sales vanquish teamlab rfid hanger clothes

[via Japan Trends via Ubergizmo]