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Octopus Earbuds Stick to Phone Screens Like Tentacle Suckers

 |  |  |  |  |  December 5, 2011

Are you tired of fiddling with your earbuds when storing them and taking them out of your pocket? Take a look what Red Dot Design concept winner Donghee Suh has created. The Octopus Earbuds are fitted with suction cups that will adhere to your screen when they’re stowed.

octopus earbuds donghee suh red dot design earphones headphones concept

The suction cups on the earbuds are inspired by the ones you’d find on an octopus’ tentacles. The flexible silicone flap on the front of each bud will become an impromptu suction cup when flipped forward.


They were designed to keep the wires of your earphones from always being tangled up, but really don’t do anything to address the cable itself – but sticking the earbuds in place should help keep things from getting too messy.

octopus earbuds donghee suh red dot design earphones headphones concept

For now, these are just a concept, but would you really want to stick your earbuds to the screen of your mobile device? It might be a good way of never losing them again, but I don’t know how dirty they would make the screen of your device.

[via Yanko Design]