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FLOTE Stand Makes Tablet Usage Hands-Free, Looks Cool Doing It

 |  |  |  |  |  |  December 15, 2011

When it comes to choosing a stand for your tablet or e-reader, which matters more to you: portability, size, ease of storage, or functionality? If you answered ease of storage, then you probably won’t like the FLOTE very much.


FLOTE is currently up on Kickstarter for funding. It’s basically a modern metal stand that can hold your iPad, Kindle, PlayBook, Galaxy Tab, or whatever tablet you may have. No longer will you have to tilt your head while watching a movie or reading a book; no longer will you have to support the gadget in your hands, because the FLOTE takes care of all the not-so-heavy-lifting for you.


What the FLOTE gives you is a truly hands-free tablet usage experience. That is, if you don’t mind having something that resembles a microphone stand right in the middle of your bedroom or living room.

Ready to FLOTE your tablet? Head on over to Kickstarter. A pledge of $245(USD) or more will get you an actual FLOTE stand, while lesser amounts will score you rewards including microfiber screen cloths, sweatshirts, and commemorative pieces.

[via Oh Gizmo!]