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Ambient Rock Lights: What Happens When Lava Lamps Cool Off

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Written by Lambert Varias | December 23, 2011

Designed by Andre Cazenave, these rock sculptures do double duty as ambient lighting. They’re smooth and cool stones by day and sexy and toasty lamps by night.

andre cazenave luminous stones ambient rock lights

Are they actually made of rocks? I’m not sure, but the description sure implies that that is the case: “Each luminous stone is crafted and finished by hand to make it appear like a real stone as found in nature! The only difference is that this stone emits a wonderful soft ambient light.” And it looks like a radioactive sperm cell with its cable exposed.

andre cazenave luminous stones ambient rock lights 2

Their prices are rock sculpture-ish as well – Nova68 is selling the ambient rock lights for $295 (USD) to $635 depending on the size of the rock; light bulb not included. I really am intrigued by these lamps; it’s a shame we don’t have more images or videos of them. I mean, at those prices these can’t be just papier-mache or plastic cases can they?

[via Fancy]