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Old Cabinet Cards Turned into Geek Icons

 |  |  |  |  January 25, 2012

Old cabinet cards are pretty cool. These early photographs are mementos from another time that tell the stories of forgotten lives, leaving but an image for history to remember them by and fill in the blanks. And that’s fine. But some might look at these images and feel the need to geek them up. That’s just what Alex Gross does.

You are looking at some of Alex’s creations for an upcoming show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC. I love this work and have even dabbled in the medium myself, though my stuff never approached the awesomeness of Alex’s work.

I love how new worlds or stories can be created from an existing image. The Data image has to be my favorite, since the guy just looks so nerdy to begin with. The only thing it’s missing from the picture is Spot.


You can check out some of Alex’s older creations here.

[via Arrested Motion via Superpunch]