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Portal 2 Wheatley Replica Doesn’t Come with Frankenturrets

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  January 27, 2012

…nor does it come with Valve’s approval, because this 7″ replica was made by sculptor and toymaker Victor Creed Chris Hooton aka Sabretooth. Don’t worry, unlike the real Wheatley this toy is not power hungry. Give him three AA batteries and he’ll serve you well.

portal 2 wheatley replica by chris hooton

The replica is made of lightweight plastic and coated with acrylic paint. Its face and eye lids are moveable and the batteries take care of Wheatley’s glowing eye. Hooton worked on the replica on and off for about a month without using any modeling software or rotary machine, which makes this piece even more impressive.

Open a portal to eBay and bid at least $150 (USD) for a chance of taking Wheatley home. And if you do, don’t take him to the Central AI Chamber, no matter how nicely he asks.

[Sabretooth’s Workshop via Super Punch]