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Real Skyrim Dragonborn Helmet Still Won’t Save You from an Arrow to the Knee

 |  |  |  February 16, 2012

Are you a Dragonborn? Then you need a Dragonborn helmet to protect your head from swords and axes and the like. A real one, not some crocheted version. An honest to god helmet.

This is the best interpretation of the Dragonborn helmet I’ve seen so far. In fact, it was cast from the mold that was used for the statues that Bethesda uses in stores. So it is a completely accurate replica. The seller has just one for sale and he says that this is all there will ever be. He completed the project and is moving on to other things. Or as I interpret that, he used to a helmet maker, but he took an arrow to the knee.


Being a unique item, this will cost you $300(USD) from Brayud’s Etsy store. Should be perfect for your next cosplay event or convention. FUS RO DAH!