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Intel Experiment Says “Break Glass for Ultrabook”

 |  |  |  |  March 16, 2012

If you were strolling through an airport and saw a glass cube sitting there with an Ultrabook inside what would you think? What if that cube was made from safety glass and had an inscription saying something to the effect of “Break Glass for Ultrabook,” would you crush the glass and take the computer?

Intel conducted a social experiment called “Ultrabook Temptations” at what appears to be airports in several foreign countries. Each Ultrabook computer was inside the glass cube on a rotating display. On the front of the display, a safety glass hammer was attached, along with the tempting language.

You have to watch the videos to see the people walk up, look at the ultrabook, and try to decide if it was some sort of trick. Some people thought about breaking the glass for a long time and ultimately walked away. Others picked up hammer, bashed the glass, and walked away with the free computer.

Would you have smashed the glass?  I wouldn’t do it an American airport. The TSA would probably give you a full cavity search.

[via UltrabookNews]