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NestRest Is an Expensive Outdoor Cocoon Where Wealthy Humans Can Rest

 |  |  |  |  |  March 17, 2012

If you’ve ever wanted to live kind of like how birds do – and have $15,000 to make that desire come true, then you might want to consider getting the NestRest.

The NestRest is a hanging sanctuary fashioned from strong Dedon¬†woven fibers. You can sleep, meditate, read a book, or just stare out at the scene you’ve got in front of you without worrying about the possibility of the rain putting a cloud on your relaxation time.


The interior of the NestRest is cushy and is filled with cushions and throw pillows to make things extra comfy. As you can see, ideally you’d like to hang it on a sturdy tree branch because it adds to the entire experience.


The color of your NestRest, as well as the interior fabric and deco cushion fabrics can all be customized to fit your taste. And they should be – after all, you’re paying top dollar to for them in the first place. You can find out more information about the NestRest on Dedon’s site.

[via Red Ferret]