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Wireless Super Nintendo Controller Mod, Old School Meets New School

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Written by Conner Flynn | April 9, 2012

Sure, we are all used to playing video games with wireless controllers today, but back in the day you were forced to sit right in front of your console as if you yourself were attached to it, thanks to those pesky wires. Thanks to a simple mod, you no longer have to play games on your SNES as if you were in the dark ages.


Okay, simple is a relative term. Sure, it requires some basic modding skills, but it shouldn’t be too difficult. You’ll need to do a lot of fitting, wiring, and soldering work on your controller to get all the components to fit inside. You’ll be cramming in a power switch, emitter, and an LED power indicator.

If you play with your vintage console a lot, this should be well worth it so that you can gain some freedom. Check out more pics of this build over on imgur, and schematics which should work for the SNES, NES, N64 and SEGA Saturn at this link.

[via GoNintendo via Gizmodo]