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Dipping Cover: A Simple Solution to an Age-Old Problem

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  July 22, 2012

Presenting a solution to the age-old problem of not having a cup to put dips in when you’re at your local fast food joint: the Dipping Cover.

Dipping CoverDesigned by Bae Su-kyoo and Noh Haeun, the Dipping CoverĀ is basically a plastic cover for drinks that’s been redesigned to have a large indent on the lid, which is where your condiment of choice is supposed to go.

Simply squeeze some ketchup or mayo (or a little bit of both) onto the cover, dip your fries or chips into the mix, and enjoy. Just be sure not to drip any into the straw, or else you might end up with a nasty surprise the next time you sip your soda.


The Dipping Cover is simple yet so ingenious that I’m surprised somebody hasn’t already started manufacturing these lids.

[via Yanko Design]