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Complete Copy of Atari 2600 Air Raid for Sale: Duck and Cover Your Wallet

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Written by Conner Flynn | October 25, 2012

If a vintage video game is rare enough, it can sell for huge money. Back in 2010, a copy of the Atari 2600 game Air Raid sold for $31,600. The reason is because it was the only known copy with a box. Now another copy of Air Raid has shown up with both the box and instruction manual. That makes this the only known complete copy in existence. As of now it is up to nearly $18,000 on an online auction.

This complete copy of Air Raid was discovered by a family in Southern California. Their father was given the game by a sales rep for the company Men-A-Vision while he tended to a game retail space in a local drug store.


After the store closed he was given the video game stock and the Atari display kiosk, where these games have been stored for about thirty years.


They read about the selling price of the first one and of course liked what they heard. I wonder how high it will go before the auction ends on November 4th.

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