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H.R. Giger Mouse: for the Alien Queen’s PC

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Written by Paul Strauss | November 12, 2012

The artwork by H.R. Giger in the Alien movies and Prometheus is some of the downright creepiest and darkest ever seen on screen. So I’m not so sure how comfortable I’d be with some of it hanging out on my desktop – especially right under the palm of my hand. But that didn’t stop one modder from making a creeptastic mouse, inspired by the twisted world of Mr. Hans Rudolf Giger.


Modder Ramses07 started out with an Cooler Master CM Storm Xornet gaming mouse, and modified the case and covered it with hand-sculpted clay to give it plenty of texture. He then painted it with shades of black and grey to add darkness and depth.


After it was all done, he coated it in a layer of glossy varnish which he says gave it “the effect of mucus” – to add to the Alien feeling. Yum. I guess it’s better than acid blood, right? Check out the complete build log here (in Hungarian).

I wonder if Ramses07 has one of these plugged into another one of his USB ports. If not, he should.

[via Modding.ru]