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Halo Fan Made Kat Armor is out of This Reach

 |  |  |  |  |  |  November 18, 2012

The cool and detailed armor of characters from the Halo universe means it’s quite hard to emulate them in cosplay. Unless you happen to be a pale, short-haired 6’7″ 287 lb. male, in which case you can just come as yourself and say you’re John-117. A cosplayer going by the handle LilTyrant decided to dress up as Kat, and that’s exactly what she did.

halo reach kat armor by liltyrant

For reference, IGN’s Halo Wiki has a screenshot of Kat, who as many of you know is from Halo: Reach. Note that LilTyrant’s costume doesn’t have Kat’s helmet cam and tactical case, but she did say she’ll those later on. We’ll cut her some slack because she wanted to finish this by Halloween, she said she’s still “new to armor making” and because the costume is freakin’ awesome.

Unlike most cosplayers I’ve seen, LilTyrant was kind – and obsessed – enough to document practically every step she took to make her armor. She doesn’t just dress as Kat, she’s as smart as Kat. Head to the 405th Infantry Division to see her guide. Microsoft should hire her to make cosplay versions of the Halo 4 armor.

[via Reddit]