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Christmas Tree Rocket is Like a Large and Festive Lawn Dart of Death

 |  |  |  January 4, 2013

Did your Christmas tree take off like a rocket? No, I didn’t think so. If it did, you would have a hole in your roof and a large cleanup bill. Anyway, I’m sure that your tree was lovely, but here’s the thing. What do you do with the tree when Christmas is over?

Well, you could throw it by the curb with the trash or just keep it up all year and decorate all year round as it drops all of its needles on the rug. Here’s a better idea. Put some rocket engines on your tree and launch it into the air.
rocket tree
I’m sure your neighbors won’t mind. Unless it ends up sticking out of their roof after touchdown.¬†Anyway, the awesome folks in this video made their tree into a rocket (dubbed the XMS Mistletoe) and it looks like they had a literal blast putting their tree out of its misery.

Let the annual launching of our trees commence next January 1st! Rocket-tree is fun and easy!

[via Obvious Winner]