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Full-Size Robocop ED-209 for Sale: Only $25K

 |  |  |  |  |  February 8, 2013

Would you like to own this massive ED-209 replica? Your move punk. Some guy is selling it on eBay for $25,000(USD). Hopefully you don’t live in Detroit or your purchase will be killed by Robocop.
According to the seller, this ED-209 model was made for Robocop 2 and may have been used as a stand-in for the robot during production or created as a marketing piece to promote the movie. This beast stands at over 10-feet-tall on two hind legs built with pneumatic cylinders.


As of this writing it is still available. Go ahead and make an offer, but don’t be that guy who says, “I’d buy that for a dollar.” You need $24,999 more than that. And ED-209 doesn’t do well on stairs. He’s probably best in a one story home.

[via Obvious Winner]