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Xenex Robot Exterminates Germs, Not Humans

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Written by Range | March 2, 2013

When I hear about robots exterminating stuff, I immediately think about our robot overlords, which we will all serve in a near future if we’re not careful enough. The Xenex robot┬áisn’t designed to be the demise of humankind – though it will exterminate most every germ you can throw at it.

xenex germ busting robot photo

The Xenex robot was crated by Mark Stibich with a single mission in mind – to do in germs. It does look a bit like a droid from Star Wars, but this ‘bot won’t be able to pilot a starship. It runs on wheels and its spinning head emits intense pulses of ultraviolet light to disinfect hospital rooms. That’s a simple and highly-effective way of getting the job done.

xenex germ busting robot top photo

Xenex has been tested at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, where it reduced bacterial contamination by a factor of 20, compared to conventional cleaning methods. It also killed 95% of the common and dangerous pathogen C. difficile.

The Xenex robot doesn’t come cheap, though. It costs $125,000(USD) or you can rent it for $3,700 a month. But to put that in perspective, the average cost of an infection for a cancer patient is around $30,000 – plus the untold risks to their lives. Seems like a good investment, doesn’t it?

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