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Without PC Lets You Access Data on Your USB Drives – Without a PC

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Written by Hazel Chua | May 2, 2013

So you need to transfer files from your portable hard drive to a USB drive, but you don’t have access to a PC or laptop. It’s a huge emergency and you need to get it done, pronto. Unfortunately, there’s not an easy way to do it but with a computer – or is there?

Without PC

Designer Dongwook Kim is aware of the inconvenience of needing a computer to access and transfer files between drives, which is why he came up with Without PC. It’s a neat little gadget that lets you access and transfer files between the two drives without, as the name indicates, needing a PC to do so. It’s compact and features a cool, curved touchscreen interface so you can get the job done, pronto.

Without PC1

Without PC is a concept design entry to the 2013 iF design award, but there is no word on a production version at this point. With that custom curved touchscreen we might be waiting a while.

[via Yanko Design]