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Heineken’s Interactive Beer Bottle Lights up With Every Sip

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Written by Hazel Chua | June 25, 2013

Heineken is setting out to create a wave on social media with their newest advertising ploy: interactive beer bottles. “Interactive” might sound a bit misleading, since all they do is light up when the bottle is lifted.

Flashlight Beer

So how does it work? Each bottle has a green plastic base screwed at the bottom. This base has been fitted with a wireless sensor and LED lights. The former detects when the bottle has been lifted, causing the latter to sparkle. The sensor also causes the LED lights to flash in sync with the music, if there happens to be any loud tunes playing where you are.

Jeremy Brook, who’s Heineken’s head of digital and media innovation, foresees that these types of advertising will lead to a “massive area of growth and creativity for brands.” He adds: “It’s not yet totally defined, but it will be.”

The idea for the interactive beer bottle was thought up by digital agency Tribal DDB.

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