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Evena Glasses Let You See a Person’s Veins: V-Ray Vision

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Written by Lambert Varias | November 26, 2013

Despite weighing as much as a proton and looking like I’ve been dead for six hours, I’ve only been to the hospital once. So I don’t know if doctors and nurses still have trouble with sticking syringes and other intravenous devices into patients. But if that’s still the case, Evena Medical can help. The company invented a pair of glasses that lets the wearer see through a person skin and into the veins beneath.


Evena Medical’s Eyes On Glasses have two “hyper-sensitive cameras” and two multispectral lights that lets the wearer clearly see a person’s veins, significantly improving their ability to find the best vein. It can also record what it sees as photos or videos and save it on its onboard storage or transmit it remotely via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or 3G. I don’t know if it can send the files in real time though. It also has 2-way speakers for telecommunication. Aside from the glasses, the user also has to wear a battery pack and a computer, but it’s still a portable device. Skip to about 45 seconds in the video below to see the glasses in action.

I really want to see a full body shot through those glasses. I wonder if it can see through plastic and metal too. Check out Evena Medical’s website for more info.

[via Coolest-Gadgets]