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You’ve Never Heard of the Millennium Falcon Rings?

 |  |  |  |  June 8, 2014

Jewelry designer Paul Michael Bierker has given Star Wars fans plenty of choices when it comes to rings that celebrate the franchise, and now he’s got another cool design to share with the world. Presenting… Millennium Falcon Rings…


These awesome rings are nice and skinny, making them easy to wear. They look just like the shape of Han and Chewie’s ship, but instead of a hyperdrive, they embellished with fancy stuff like diamonds and sapphires – if your budget allows.

Paul makes each ring custom to order, so you can get them in a variety of precious metals – though Duralloy plating isn’t on the list. Prices vary depending on which materials and gems you choose. With prices starting at $995 and up, you might not want to show it to Jabba the Hutt, or else he might take it as payment towards your debt.