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Denny’s Teams up with Atari: Grand Slam 2600

 |  |  |  July 9, 2014

The latest news in “weird things that I never thought would happen” is that Denny’s has teamed up with Atari. Greasy spoon meets Asteroids. The home of the Grand Slam breakfast hopes that this team-up will drum up some extra business, while Atari just hopes that people notice them again.

So what are these two companies going to offer? Well, Denny’s Chief Branding Officer Frances Allen came up with the idea to turn some of Atari’s most popular games, like Centipede and Asteroids, into food-related titles. Ones that you can actually download and play while you wait for your food to arrive.

It’s a pretty good idea actually, although these game synopses could be either awesome or lame.

Hashteroids – You’re aboard the SS Denny’s Condiment Transport ship and the mission is clear: deliver 40 tons of condiments to the 4th planet in sector 7d.

Centipup – Once upon a time, a young boy named Danny came across a bottle of syrup and with just a slight squeeze the bottle’s sticky contents had the power to turn anyone or anything into a fried egg.

Take-Out – A wall made entirely of delicious Denny’s breakfast items appears blocking all the take-out orders from their rightful owners. The only way to feed customers is to break down that wall!

All three games can be played via Denny’s iPhone or Android app.

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