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Dreamcast Controller with Built-in Display: Vii U

 |  |  |  |  |  January 21, 2015

One of the Dreamcast’s most unique features was its Visual Memory Unit (VMU). The VMU plugged into the Dreamcast controller to serve as a memory card, but it also had a tiny monochrome display that was used as a second screen in some games. Though he didn’t use a VMU, modder Fibbef was able to modify a Dreamcast controller to give it a primary screen right where the memory card should be.


Fibbef placed a 3.5″ LCD display and two small speakers in one of the controller’s VMU slots. He made a breakout box to send video and audio from the Dreamcast to the display and speakers via USB. The breakout box also connects the console to a TV, and Fibbef can disconnect the controller from the box and use it as a normal gamepad.

Fibbef sent his mod in a Bacman forums contest, which has other cool entries such as a Wii laptop and the Raspberry Pi clone Game Boy Advance SP mod we saw a few days ago. Check out Fibbef’s build logs on BitFix Gaming and Bacman forums for more on his mod.

[via Hack A Day]